"Fabricated Man" by Paul Ramsey

Fabricated Man The Ethics of Genetic Control Paul Ramsey

Yale Fastback Series
Publication date:
01 Jan 1970
Yale University Press
184 pages: 203 x 127 x 10mm
black & white illustrations

Medicine and Ethics. Problems encountered as science makes genetic control of man a real possibility. Includes discussions of asexual reproduction of men, frozen semen banks, breeding human beings for special purposes.

"In this important, thought provoking study the author examines the ramifications of genetic control and the possibilities it suggest for the future of man. discussed are the moral and religious implications of genetic control, clonality, and parenthood and the future of man by artificial donor insemination. . . . The author is deeply concerned about the 'modern intellect's penchant for suicide,' a theme he develops with frightening clarity. The book is well worth careful study."?M.D.

"This is an important book. . . . It is a courageous, informed, vigorous, lucid confronting of the moral crisis biotechnology is creating for mankind. . . . [Ramsey] reports with fairness (and humor) the present attitudes and speculations of scientists concerning man's rapidly increasing power to influence the biological future of his species. . . . This book is a landmark in ehtical discussion. It deals significantly with problems future generations will have, and this generation ought, to face."?Charles Hartshorne, Philosophy Forum

"At the outset let it be admitted that no comment which could be made in the space available to us would be adequate for this splendid little book. The only way this inadequacy can be surmounted is for each reader to procure his own copy."?Chicago Medicine

"Without [Ramsey's] work, Christian ethics in America would be considerably poorer both in the quantity and quality of its publication."?James M. Gustafson, Theological Studies

"A well-written, analytical, and informative philosophical work."?Daniel M. Singer, The Civil Liberties Review