"Child Support in America" by Joseph I. Lieberman

Child Support in America Practical Advice on Negotiating and Collecting a Fair Settlement Joseph I. Lieberman

Publication date:
28 Sep 1988
Yale University Press
140 pages: 210 x 140mm

"The most comprehensive and easily understood guide for women in big trouble currently available. Many children could be saved if both fathers and mothers would just read Lieberman's book before they go to court in divorce matters. He walks the layman through the law's thorny thicket better and more cheaply than the expensive divorce lawyers most people usually hire."?Justice Richard Neely, Supreme Court of Appeals, West Virginia      

"A passionate book about the dismal state of child support enforcement laws."?Jay Katz, Yale Law School

"This is a challenging, jarring book; highly readable and haunting in its effects. The author is a vigorous advocate for the best interests of children, especially the great number whose parents have divorced and left them economically disadvantaged. Joseph Lieberman shines a powerful light on the dilemma, effectively conveying the urgent deprivations involved. He urges the consideration of legally coercive means to bring about direct solutions."?Albert J. Solnit, M.D, Sterling Professor of Pediatrics & Psychiatry, Yale University; Sigmund Freud Professor, The Hebrew University

"This eloquent book combines a sympathetic analysis of the plight of the victims of inadequate child support with unsentimental practical suggestions for improving matters."?Sonja Goldstein

"In many ways this is a jarring?and caring?book, far more valuable, in its brief pages, than works many times its size." ?Academic Library Book Review

"The book offers a series of very concrete steps for both parents to take initially and for the custodial parent to take when things have gone awry. . . . His discussion of . . . negotiations is comprehensive and should serve as a checklist for any divorcing parent and any attorney who practices family law."?West Coast Review of Books