"Nietzsche's Teaching" by Laurence Lampert

Nietzsche's Teaching An Interpretation of "Thus Spoke Zarathustra" Laurence Lampert

Publication date:
28 Sep 1989
Yale University Press
392 pages: 235 x 156mm

"This is the first genuine textual commentary on Zarathustra in English, and therewith a genuine reader's guide. It makes a significant and original contribution to its field."?Werner J. Dannhauser, Cornell University       

"This is the first work of its kind in English:  an intelligent, detailed, and painstaking exposition of?and commentary on?Thus Spoke Zarathustra. This in-depth analysis of Nietzsche's most poetic work is faithful to the text while, at the same time, supplementing interpretations with references to Nietzsche's other writings. . . . This is a very valuable and carefully wrought study of a very complex and subtle poetic-philosophical work that provides access to Nietzsche's style of presenting his thought, as well as to his passionately affirmed values. Lampert's commentary and analysis of Zarathustra is so thorough and detailed . . . that is the most useful English-language companion to Nietzsche's 'edifying' and intriguing work."?Choice

"An impressive piece of scholarship. Insofar as it solves the riddle of Zarathustra in an unprecedented fashion, this study serves as an invaluable resource for all serious students of Nietzsche's philosophy. Lampert's persuasive and thorough interpretation is bound to spark a revival of interest in Zarathustra and raise the standards of Nietzsche scholarship in general."?Daniel W. Conway, Review of Metaphysics

"Lampert's is a book of scholarship, filled with passion and concern for its text."?Tracy B. Strong, Review of Politics

"[Nietzsche's Teaching is] a more convincing and demanding work because of the thoroughness of its explication and analysis. . . . [Lampert] takes infinite pains to clarify Nietzsche's ideas."?Albert P. Fell, Queen's Quarterly

"A coherent and sympathetic interpretive reading of Thus Spoke Zarathustra. . . . Informative and stimulating. . . . A pioneering work in Nietzsche scholarship in English."?Kathleen Higgins, International Studies in Philosophy

"Tightly argued and richly insightful. . . . [A] rich commentary. . . . An exceptionally useful resource for the instructor who wishes to teach Nietzsche?most especially his Zarathustra. And graduate students interested in Nietzsche or Strauss will find the book interesting and richly suggestive."?American Philosophical Association Newsletter on Teaching Philosophy

Selected as one of Choice's Outstanding Academic Books for 1988