"Severe Personality Disorders" by Otto Kernberg

Severe Personality Disorders Psychotherapeutic Strategies Otto Kernberg

Publication date:
24 Feb 1993
Yale University Press
396 pages: 235 x 156mm

"Severe Personality Disorders offers penetrating clinical insights along with crisp formulations of psychodynamic theory.  This logical and consistent book is highly valuable for practicing psychiatrists."?Alexander Elder, M.D., Psychiatrist Times 

"A major work that brings together in one volume a host of clinical insights into people with a variety of severe personality disorders.... Anyone who has attempted to work with patients with severe personality disorders will be rewarding by studying this book."?Robert D. Gillman, Psychoanalytic Quarterly 

"He offers an approach to personality disorders which is clear, precise, and despite its apparent complexity, relatively easy to follow even for those who know very little about psychoanalysis. . . . Thoughtful, intelligent and stimulating, and many readers will be impressed with the way psychoanalytic understanding can be used to assist diagnosis."?John Steiner, British Journal of Psychiatry

"A splendid book . . . of great value for anyone involved in psychotherapy with patients suffering from one or another variety of personality disorder, as well as for anyone who is teaching or doing research in this field. . . . An outstandingly fine and valuable book.?Harold F. Searles, M.D., Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease

"Kernberg is a synthesizing, creative eclectic on the contemporary psychoanalytic and psychodynamic scene, broadly based in theory and in practice, a powerful intelligence, a prolific writer, and a man of ideas. . . . This is a challenging and provocative book."?Alan A. Stone, M.D., American Journal of Psychiatry

"Kernberg has established himself as a leading contributor to modern psychoanalytic theory. . . . [His] work continues to contribute new insights and valuable ferment to psychoanalytic theory.  This latest work will be welcomed by analytically oriented therapists for its further elucidation of the dynamics and treatment of a difficult class of patients."?Leonard Horwitz, Contemporary Psychology

"This is an excellent book, helpful not only to the specialist psychotherapist, but also to the psychiatrist who has to cope with the problems of diagnosis and management which thee patients daily present."?David Taylor, British Journal of Medical Psychology 

"A well written excursion into the author's theoretical formulations, with particular emphasis on the diagnostic and treatment aspects of cases of borderline and narcissistic pathology."?Michael Blumenfield, Journal of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis

"An invaluable contribution to clinicians treating people with borderline and narcissistic personalities. . . .  For any clinician working with people with severe personality disorders, this book provides invaluable clarification of diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. This is an important work that extends Kernberg's pioneering contributions."?Robert C. Guerette, Psychomatics