"Origins and Extinctions" by Donald E. Osterbrock

Origins and Extinctions Essays Donald E. Osterbrock, Peter H. Raven, Alan H. Guth, Lynn Margulis, David M. Raup, George W. Wetherill

Publication date:
10 Jun 1905
136 pages: 229 x 152 x 8mm
black & white illustrations

What is the origin of the universe? How did life appear on Earth and why was much of that life destroyed at various times in Earth's history? In this book four noted scientists-physicist Alan H. Guth, astronomer George Wetherill, biologist Lynn Margulis, and paeleobiologist David Raup- propose answers to these questions, discussing the newest developments in some exciting areas of current research.

"By converting the conversational words of a symposium to the written words in a book the authors have made unfamiliar and difficult concepts easier to grasp and understand."?Henry Spall, The Journal of Geology

"For a scientist who specializes in cosmology and earth history, this book is a worthwhile documentation of the opinions of four very different scientists."?G. Ledyard Stebbins, BioScience

"The book is worth reading just for the first contribution by Alan Guth, which gives the clearest account of the birth of the cosmos for general readers that I have ever read."?J.C. Thackray, Archives of Natural History

"Comprises four excellent essays. . . . The authors of this book seek to elucidate the remote, unusual events that most influenced the history of the cosmos and the earth. They describe alternative models and the evidence on which these models are based."?Laurie R. Godfrey, Science Books and Films