"Life in the English Country House" by Mark Girouard

Life in the English Country House A Social and Architectural History Mark Girouard

Publication date:
18 Nov 1993
352 pages: 195 x 254 x 19mm
226 b&w llustrations, 33 colour plates, index

The English country house has flourished over the centuries because of its ability to adapt to the changes in English society. This book is an account of the ways in which the upper-class life style were reflected in the houses in which the wealthy and powerful lived. First published in 1978, this is a history of the English country house from the point of view of its owners and users. Ranging from the Middle Ages to the world of Evelyn Waugh, the author also discusses and illustrates how the life of the upper classes shaped their country hosues, how they entertained and were served, how they ran the country and their estates and how they reconciled personal privacy and public display.

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