"Arendt, Camus, and Modern Rebellion" by Jeffrey C. Isaac

Arendt, Camus, and Modern Rebellion Jeffrey C. Isaac

Publication date:
28 Sep 1994
Yale University Press
334 pages: 235 x 156mm

"Isaac draws together Arendt and Camus into a fruitful dialogue. That dialogue is wide-ranging and tackles major events of the twentieth century, the creation and terrible denouement of totalitarianism, and, in its aftermath, the possibility for democratic politics, the forging of human identity, and the sustaining of anything like an ethical life. The work is very important."? Jean Bethke Elshtain, Vanderbilt University

"An extraordinarily intelligent and perceptive book."--Margaret Canovan, The Times Higher Education Supplement

"Provocative [and] interesting."--Shiraz Dossa, American Political Science Review

"Isaac, by placing Arendt and Camus in comparative perspective, makes a valuable contribution to an often ignored chapter in the history of the non-Marxist Left."--Robert Paul Resch, American Historical Review

"A stimulating comparative study of the political thought of Hannah Arendt and Albert Camus."--Maurizio d?EntrŠves, Political Studies

"A most intelligent and imaginative discussion of thr political thinking of Hannah Arendt and Albert Camus."--Margaret Canovan, International Studies in Philosophy

"[Isaac] has written a book that needed to be written, a book that traces with clarity and rigor the line that unites Arendt and Camus with more recent intellectuals who, sometimes reluctantly, have had to assume the mantle of political responsibility."--David R. Ellison, SubStance

"An inspired and inspiring book."?E.J. Dionne, Jr., Commonweal