"Metaphysics in Ordinary Language" by Stanley Rosen

Metaphysics in Ordinary Language Stanley Rosen

Publication date:
11 Jan 1999
Yale University Press
304 pages: 235 x 156mm

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?The Collection ends with a fascinating ?memoir? of the often overlooked but nonetheless influential French philosopher KojŠve. This book should be of interest to those concerned with how philosophy is related to everyday life, language, postmodernism, the Platonic tradition, and the Socratic love of truth.??David H. J. Larmour, Religious Studies Review

?In everything Rosen writes, he opens up unexpected vistas, and this book is no exception to the rule. Anyone interested in the fate of philosophy, and in the life of philosophy in the contemporary world, will want to read and reread this book.??Kenneth Hart Green, University of Toronto

"A grand, synoptic philosophic vision, a distinctive, dialectical prose style, deep and broad erudition, wit, intellectual courage?the many virtues that typify Stanley Rosen?s work?are all on view in this very fine new collection. The 'ordinary? has never benefited so much from such extraordinary, original reflection."?Robert B. Pippin, Raymond W. and Martha Hilpert Gruner Distinguished Service Professor in the Committee on Social Thought, the Department of Philosophy, and the College Chair, Committee on Social Thought

?Stanley Rosen?s fourth collection of essays and lectures, Metaphysics in Ordinary Language is a rich and provocative discussion of many of the themes and problems that have concerned him throughout his career. . . . Metaphysics in Ordinary Language should be of great interest to all who are skeptical of, or even just concerned with, the reports of the death of metaphysics. . . . Rosen?s articulation of the necessity of the metaphysical project is timely and will contribute significantly to the task of rethinking the destiny of metaphysics in the history of Western philosophy.??Colin A. Anderson, Philosophy in Review