"L`italiano con l`opera" by Daniela Noe

L`italiano con l`opera Lingua, cultura e conversazione Daniela Noe, Frances A. Boyd

Yale Language Series
Publication date:
10 Sep 2002
Yale University Press
358 pages: 254 x 203mm
75 b/w illus.

?Noe and Boyd have taken popular Italian operas and transformed them into classroom/lab material for Italian language and culture students. A creative, well-planned and -executed project.??Elizabeth H. D. Mazzocco, University of Massachusetts

?An original and very stimulating use of the opera as cultural material for teaching the Italian language.??Vincenzo Binetti, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

?A refreshing and novel approach to refining language skills and teaching culture. As is apparent by its title, this text uses opera as a medium for enhancing and perfecting students? knowledge of Italian, while at the same time introducing them to this art form as a valuable and enduring component of Italy?s rich cultural tradition. . . . A most welcome and very timely addition to the somewhat limited intermediate and advanced Italian textbook offerings available on the market today. This well-organized, challenging and entertaining text will surely be appreciated by instructors and students alike.??Sarafina DeGregorio, NECTFL (Northeast Conference for the Teaching of Foreign Languages) Review

"Commendably, the authors and publisher of L?Italiano con l?Opera have written a textbook that boldly bucks the tendency to ?dumb down.? . . . Innovative. . . . A natural for conservatory and adult-education courses, this book will captivate any opera-lover wishing to brush up on la bella lingua. . . . Rich, engagingly-written."?M. Lignana Rosenberg, Opera News