The Culture of the New Capitalism Richard Sennett

Castle Lecture Series in Ethics, Politics & Economics
Publication date:
15 Jan 2007
224 pages: 209 x 139 x 14mm

In this provocative book, Richard Sennett looks at the ways today's global, ever-mutable form of capitalism is affecting our lives. He analyzes how changes in work ethic, in our attitudes toward merit and talent, and in public and private institutions have all contributed to what he terms 'the spectre of uselessness', and he concludes with suggestions to counter this disturbing new culture.

Richard Sennett teaches sociology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the London School of Economics. His recent publications include The Corrosion of Character and Respect in a World of Inequality.

'...packed with thought...profound and challenging... [I am] full of admiration for the subtlety and originality of Richard Sennett's work...' - Madeleine Bunting, New Statesman

'[Sennett] has brilliantly pushed his thinking...[a] triumph...' - Will Hutton, The Observer

ÒThe academic rigour and creativity of the ideasÉcannot be faultedÉÓ - Sam Mendelson, Financial World Magazine