"After Iraq" by Gwynne Dyer

After Iraq Where Next for the Middle East? Gwynne Dyer

Publication date:
01 Feb 2008
Yale University Press
272 pages: 210 x 140mm

American and British troops are not going to stay in Iraq for ever. But what will happen when they start to leave? In this lucid and enormously readable book, acclaimed analyst Gwynne Dyer predicts that the Middle East will go through the biggest shake-up since the region became part of the Ottoman Empire five centuries ago - and argues that the rest of the world should stand back and leave them to it.Taking a step back from issues of blame and ideology, Dyer looks at what motivates the key players in the Middle East, from the various Iraqi factions through Iran, Lebanon and Syria to Israel and the Palestinians - not to mention the United States and the United Kingdom. Along the way, he shatters many myths and identifies the real threats to the status quo - such as the enormous Iraqi refugee problem, and the demographic and political forces that mean that Israel may be running out of time.Refreshingly direct, entirely non-partisan and frequently disturbing, this is essential reading for anyone who cares about the future of the Middle East and the wider world.

Gwynne Dyer has a PhD from Kings College London in Military and Middle Eastern History and was employed as a Senior Lecturer in Middle Eastern and Military Studies at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst before becoming a freelance analyst and writer in the late 1970s. He writes a twice-weekly column on international affairs that is published in 175 newspapers in 45 countries. He is the author of several books, including War (1985), which accompanied his award-winning television series on the subject. Ignorant Armies: Sliding into War in Iraq (2003) was a bestseller in Canada.

'Dyer write with a racy style and provokes as much as he informs ... he does leave one amazed at the sheer incompetence of the American and British governments in recent years.' Paul Rogers, The Independent

'Dyer's analysis of the Middle East is both cogent and compelling .. [He] writes in a lucid compelling way that adds an awful credibility to his forecasts.' Good Book Guide

'For chapter two alone, Dyer's book is worth the price ... [He] writes with an easy fluency, with gentle, teasing wit, and an intelligent balance between the populist and academic that makes his argument all the more persuasive.' Bill McSweeney, Irish Times

'... a calm and masterful analysis ... Some familiar ground is covered: no matter, the sheer unmitigated folly of the Iraqi escapade has seldom been spelled out quite so clearly or as damningly as it is here.' The Scotsman