No Ordinary Angel Celestial Spirits and Christian Claims About Jesus Susan R. Garrett

Anchor Bible Reference
Publication date:
02 Jan 2009
304 pages: 235 x 156 x 31mm

In this provocative, intelligent, and highly original addition to the "Anchor Yale Bible Reference Library", Susan R. Garrett argues that angelology has never been merely about angels. Rather, from ancient times until the present, talk about angels has served as a vehicle for reflection on other fundamental life questions, including the nature of God's presence and intervention in the world, the existence and meaning of evil, and the fate of humans after death. In "No Ordinary Angel", Garrett examines how biblical and other ancient authors addressed such questions through their portrayals of angels. She compares ancient discussions of angels to popular depictions of angels today and considers how the ancient and modern portraits of angels relate to Christian claims about Jesus."No Ordinary Angel" offers important insights into the development of angelology, the origins of Christology, and popular Western spirituality ranging from fundamentalist to New Age. In doing so, it provokes stimulating theological reflection on key existential questions.

Susan R. Garrett is professor of New Testament, Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. She is coordinator of the Louisville Grawemeyer Award in Religion.

"A wonderful new book about the enduring popularity of angels in American culture--and how these angel images in movies, TV shows and novels relate to the faith of the majority of Americans, which is Christianity. . . . Susan is exploring the blossoming of popular angel images in American media--and trying to connect the cultural dots for most Americans who look to Christianity as their faith."--David Crumm, "Read the Spirit"--David Crumm"Read the Spirit" (12/31/2008)