The Psychoanalytic Study of the Child Robert A. King, Samuel Abrams, A. Scott Dowling, Paul M. Brinich

The Psychoanalytic Study of the Child
Publication date:
02 Jun 2009
352 pages: 234 x 156 x 33mm
30 black-&-white illustrations

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This title features a chapter When Baby Makes Three or Four or More: Attachment, Individuation, and Identity in Assisted-Conception Families by Diane Ehrensaft. Contributions from developmental psychology include: Patrick Luyten, Nicole Vliegen, Boudewijn Van Houdenhove, and Sidney J. Blatt. This title discusses topics such as Equifinality, Multifinality, and the Rediscovery of the Importance of Early Experiences: Pathways from Early Adversity to Psychiatric and (Functional) Somatic Disorders. Susan P. Sherkow, Lissa Weinstein, Sarah R. Kamens, Matthew Megyes, Lynn P. Tishman, and Cheryl Williams presented the chapter Stock-Still Behavior: A Potential Developmental Marker.Clinical contributions include: Virginia M. Shiller's Therapeutic Work with a Physically Abused Preschooler; Thomas F. Barrett's Manic Defenses against Loneliness in Adolescence; and, Ruth Sharabany and Etziona Israeli's The Dual Process of Adolescent Immigration and Relocation: From Country to Country and from Childhood to Adolescence - Its Reflection in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. This title contains a section Applied Psychoanalysis that includes: Susan Scheftel's The Children's Books of William Steig: A Creative Representation of Early Separation and Resiliency and Richard M. Gottlieb's Maurice Sendak's Trilogy: Disappointment, Fury, and Transformation through Art.Historical contributions include: Moshe Halevi Spero's The Civilization of Discontent: Notes on the Hidden Sources of Unbehagen in Freud's Analysis of Civilization and Harold P. Blum's A Further Excavation of Seduction, Seduction Trauma, and the Seduction Theory. This work also features a section Study Group on Transformations in Psychoanalysis that includes: Wendy Olesker and Claudia Lament's Conceptualizing Transformations in Child and Adult Psychoanalysis; Claudia Lament's Transformation into Adolescence; Rona Knight's Blood, Sweat, and Tears - The Effort of Narrative Change in Psychoanalysis; and, Samuel Abrams' Transformation: Identifying a Specific Mode of Change: Descriptive and Conceptual Considerations.