A La Rencontre du Cinema Francais Analyse, Genre, Histoire Robert J. Berg

Publication date:
06 Aug 2010
Yale University Press
336 pages: 234 x 156 x 19mm
black & white illustrations


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A la rencontre du cinema francais: analyse, genre, histoire is intended to serve as the core textbook in a wide variety of upper-level undergraduate and graduate French cinema courses. In contrast to content-, theme-, or issue-based approaches to film, Professor Berg stresses "the cinema-tic-ally specific, the warp and fabric of the film itself, the stuff of which it is made." Sufficient proficiency in French is the sole prerequisite: "No previous back-ground in film studies is assumed, nor is any prior acquain-tance with French cinema. It will help, of course, to like movies, and to have seen quite a few..." (from the preface).

R.-J. Berg is the author of widely used textbooks on literature (Litterature francaise: textes et contextes, vols. I and II) and business French (Parlons affaires! Initiation au francais economique et commercial).