Pevsner's Architectural Glossary Yale University Press, Yale University Press,

Publication date:
30 Sep 2010
196 pages: 216 x 118 x 20mm


This is the essential companion to the terms used in the "Pevsner Architectural Guides". Pevsner's famous designations E. E. and Perp. are among the terms clearly explained in this informative glossary drawn from the vocabulary of the Buildings of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland volumes. And anyone who has wondered how a headstop relates to a hoodmould or what a squich looks like will find their understanding and enjoyment of architecture enhanced by knowledge of its components, styles and ornament. To name is to know and beginners will soon find that familiarity with the names quickly helps them understand the similarities and differences between the buildings and styles they see. At the same time, the breadth of the fields covered will be useful even to experts. Many of the entries are supported by line drawings specially commissioned for the series, and photographic sections provide an attractive sequence illustrating stylistic developments in both religious and secular architecture. This clear and practical primer to looking at all the elements of buildings will enliven any architectural exploration.

"This book is a delight…. massively informative for all."—HP, RIBA Journal

"The book offers an alternative perspective on the architecture of Britain and Ireland by comparing and contrasting styles over time and place."—Period Living & Traditional Homes