Listen. Write. Present The Elements for Communicating Science and Technology Stephanie Roberson Barnard, Deborah St.James

Publication date:
21 Feb 2012
192 pages: 210 x 140 x 15mm

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Even the best ideas have little value if they are not explained clearly, concisely, and convincingly to others. Scientists, engineers, health care professionals, and technology specialists become leaders in their fields not just by way of discovery, but by communication. In this essential book, two seasoned communication consultants offer specific, focused advice to help professionals develop, improve, and polish their interpersonal communication, writing, and presentation skills. The authors explain exactly how to manage multiple projects and interactions, collaborate with colleagues and others, gain support for ideas through presentations and proposals, and much more.

Stephanie Roberson Barnard is a communication consultant, Business Image Consulting, and Deborah St James is deputy director, Publications and Scientific Communications, Talecris Center for Science and Education. The authors have extensive experience in training biomedical, scientific, pharmaceutical, and technology professionals to communicate effectively. They are co-authors of Writing, Speaking, & Communication Skills for Health Professionals, published by Yale University Press.

"This book is a perfect tool for pharmacists who recognize how critical communication skills are in practice. Short on theory and long on practicality, it is a great how-to guide for delivering your message."--Susan Cantrell, Director, North America, Drug Information Association