Vietnam Rising Dragon Bill Hayton

Publication date:
14 Oct 2011
Yale University Press
272 pages: 235 x 156mm
40 pp b/w illus.

Bill Hayton is a reporter and producer with BBC News who covered Vietnam as the BBC’s correspondent during 2006–7. While there, he also wrote for the Times, the Financial Times, and the Bangkok Post.

‘Examining nearly every aspect of Vietnamese politics and society, from the economy and family life, to religion and the plight of indigenous minorities, Hayton gives a balanced, intelligent account of a country whose history so differs from our own.’ — Justin Wintle, Financial Times

"This is a cleverly pitched book, one that will appeal equally to a businessman or investor seeking a briefing on Vietnam, an old Asia hand, or an inquisitive backpacker."—Petroc Trelawny, Irish Times

"[an] insightful book."—Leanda de Lisle, The Spectator

"…a shrewd and compelling analysis of the growth of capitalism…a very readable introduction to the recent history of Vietnam. It contrasts personal individual stories with the big picture and as a result illuminates both."—Beverley Pullen, Permanent Revolution

“Bill Hayton’s Vietnam: Rising Dragon is welcome….He writes with clarity and crispness….Hayton is at his most valuable and incisive.”—Paul Cheeseright, Asian Affairs

“Enlightening and persuasive.”—Jonathan Mirsky, New York Review of Books


“Hayton has a keen eye for the detail of everyday life as well as larger cultural, economic, social, and political currents. This book leaves one with the feeling of having been in the hands of an expert craftsman, and illuminates some of the major issues confronting contemporary Vietnam.”—Carlyle A. Thayer, author of Vietnam People’s Army