"How to Read European Armor" by Donald LaRocca

How to Read European Armor Donald LaRocca

The Metropolitan Museum of Art - How to Read
Publication date:
26 Sep 2017
Metropolitan Museum of Art
176 pages: 267 x 203mm
175 color illus.

This engaging book offers an introduction to and overview of armor in Europe from the early chain mail of the Middle Ages through the 17th century, when plate armor reached its peak of both stylistic beauty and functional perfection.  During this time armorers, artists, and wealthy patrons developed ingenious solutions for protecting the body in battle without restricting its movement. Through informative discussions of representative works from The Met’s world-renowned collection, this new addition to the popular How to Read series shows what to look for when examining similar pieces of armor and broadens our understanding and appreciation of this complex subject and history.  Featuring detailed, newly commissioned photography of historically important armor made in royal workshops for kings, including Henry VIII, and emperors, such as the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian, the book details the armorers’ techniques and materials, and provides information about how to distinguish fakes from authentic examples.

Donald J. LaRocca is curator in the Department of Arms and Armor at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.