Art in the First Cities of Iran and Central Asia The Sarikhani Collection Agnes Benoit

Publication date:
14 Sep 2021
The Sarikhani Collection
272 pages: 298 x 241mm
150 color + b-w illus.
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A beautifully illustrated book exploring the art of Iran and Central Asia from the 5th to the 2nd Millennium BC

This richly illustrated book explores the art of ancient Iran and Central Asia between the 5th and 2nd millenniums BC, a time that proved to be one of the region’s most prolific periods. Over this period, the first cities arise, strengthen their power and multiply, and undergo continuous innovation. To serve this new world, items are invented and artistry flourishes—jars for storage and transportation of goods, prestigious weapons, jewellery, ceremonial vessels and statuary. Exquisite photography and illustrations throughout the book demonstrate the skilful design and wealth of materials used to create such objects. Ancient Iran was rich in minerals, while Central Asia had precious commodities such as lapis lazuli, gold and tin. Showcasing the distinctive artistic output of the region, magnificent objects from the Sarikhani Collection and other collections come together in this illuminating book.

Agnès Benoit is a French Emeritus General Heritage Curator. Benoit was previously responsible for the ancient Iran and Central Asia collections at the Louvre in Paris for over thirty years.