"Becoming" by Gordon W.              Allport

Becoming Basic Considerations for a Psychology of Personality Gordon W. Allport

The Terry Lectures Series
Publication date:
10 Sep 1960
Yale University Press
115 pages: 210 x 133mm


A distinguished psychologist outlines here the need for a psychology of becoming, of the growth and development of personality that he says "can best be discovered by looking within ourselves." Modern psychology is in a dilemma, Allpost states, for it has trimmed down the image of man as a free democractic being. He appraises the present state of the psychology of personality and indicates its relevance to human welfare and religion. This volume is based on the Terry Lectures, which the author delivered at Yale University in 1954.

?A splendid statement of the historical development of psychology?this small volume indeed merits careful reading by all thinking students of man as a thinking organism.??New Republic

"One can say of this book that is provocative, penetrating, altogether worth reading. . . . Its merits are those we have come to associate with Professor Allport's writing: style, scope, eloquence, erudition."?Contemporary Psychology

"A theory of psyche inclusive enough to encompass both the hopes of the 18th century and the fears of the 20th?to recognize the striving toward rationality and freedom as native and not derivative, and yet to recognize the slough of irrationality and slavery."?Journal of Philosophy

"Urbane, penetrating discussions . . . he shares with William James and John Dewey the resolute capacity to see man as a human regardless of whatever scientific trends may hold sway at any given moment."?Rollo May, Pastoral Psychology