"Intermediate Chinese Reader" by John DeFrancis

Intermediate Chinese Reader Part II John DeFrancis, Chia-yee Teng, Chih-sheng Yung

Publication date:
01 Feb 1968
Yale University Press
748 pages: 241 x 190 x 41mm
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A sequel to Beginning Chinese Reader, this text is closely correlated with the author’s Beginning Chinese, Advanced Chinese, and the character versions of these two texts.  It contains 400 new characters, some 2,500 compounds, and about 200,000 characters of running text.  All compounds appear in illustrative sentences, in dialogues, and in narrative or expository form.  Supplementary lessons, summary charts, indexes, and other aids follow the general pattern of those in Beginning Chinese Reader.  This work was supported by a contract with the U.S. Office of Education. Yale Linguistic Series.
Mr. DeFrancis, research professor of Chinese at Seton Hall University, is visiting professor of Chinese at the University of Hawaii.