"The Problem of God" by John Murray

The Problem of God Yesterday and Today John Murray

The St. Thomas More Lectures Series
Publication date:
10 Sep 1965
Yale University Press
128 pages: 235 x 156mm
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In an urbane and persuasive tract for our time, the distinguished Catholic theologian combines a comprehensive metaphysics with a sensitivity to contemporary existentialist thought. Father Murray traces the “problem of God” from its origins in the Old Testament, through its development in the Christian Fathers and the definitive statement by Aquinas, to its denial by modern materialism. Students and nonspecialist intellectuals may both benefit by the book, which illuminates the problem of development of doctrine that is now, even more than in the days of Newman, a fundamental issue between Roman Catholic and Protestant, theologians and nonspecialst intellectuals alike will find the subject of vital interest. As a challenge to the ecumenical dialogue, the question is raised whether, in the course of its development through different phases, the problem of God has come back to its original position. Father Murray is Ordinary professor of theology at Woodstock College, Woodstock, Maryland. St. Thomas More Lectures, 1.
"A gem of a book—lucid, illuminating, brilliantly written. A fine contribution to the current Catholic theological renaissance."—Paul Weiss.

"A delight to read . . . Father Murray's interpretation of biblical theism and the forms of godlessness is lucid, penetrating and persuasive. It exposes in bold outline the forces behind contemporary atheism. It also raises the disturbing question whether postmodern man, in losing the living God of Moses, may not also be losing his own freedom and humanity."?America

"A gem of a book?lucid, illuminating, brilliantly written. A fine contribution to the current Catholic theological renaissance."?Paul Weiss