"The Fathers According to Rabbi Nathan" by Judah Goldin

The Fathers According to Rabbi Nathan Judah Goldin

Yale Judaica Series
Publication date:
10 Sep 1955
Yale University Press
303 pages: 216 x 140mm
Sales territories:
Worldwide rights sold to Easton Press.


This is the first English translation of The Fathers According to Rabbi Nathan, one of the richest depositories of rabbinic reflections on the study of the Torah. It is the earliest commentary on Abot, the only tractate of the Mishnah that does not deal with legal matters but exclusively with "agada," an unlimited variety of religious, ethical, and edifying subjects.

"The tenth anniversary of the remarkable series of Yale Judaica is appropriately marked by the appearance of this translation of perhaps the most important of the extra-canonical minor tractates of the Talmud. . . . The editor and translator have put the world of scholarship under a sufficient debt in making the text itself accessible in so attractive a volume."?Journal of Biblical Literature

"This first available English translation of the religious ethics of the ancient Fathers of the Synagogue . . . is an important acquisition for theological and university libraries."?Library Journal

"There is every reason to expect The Fathers to rank alongside the better-known work in popular study. . . . The book has been imaginatively conceived and presented. More than perhaps any other book published in this Yale Judaica Series it should be welcomed by the Jewish Public."?Congress Weekly

"Dr. Goldin's work is a welcome addition to the growing library of rabbinic texts in English, not alone because it is the first attempt at a complete translation of the 'minor' yet important talmudic tractate but also because it demonstrates genuine scholarship and the creative contribution that can be made in the area of translation."?Jewish Social Studies