"A Dialogue of Comfort against Tribulation" by Thomas More

A Dialogue of Comfort against Tribulation Thomas More, Frank Manley

Selected Works of St. Thomas More Series
Publication date:
10 Sep 1977
Yale University Press
336 pages: 203 x 140mm

An unabridged, modernized version of the new text of Thomas More's greatest English work as established in Volume 12 of The Complete Works of St. Thomas More. The old spelling and punctuation are normalized according to contemporary standards, and brief notes at the foot of the page supply necessary information and glosses of archaic words and phrases.

"The text is an unabridged modernized version of the new Yale Edition with excellent notes for students, a fine introduction and an extensive bibliography."?James Atkinson, The Churchman (London)

"Taken as a political history of the Reformation, it is an excellent book.  Considered as the work of a church historian, it is church history in the best sense, in which the writer's distinctive religious interests and interpretations are set against a complex background.  Our understanding of the Reformation is the richer for it."?R.W. Scribner, Journal of Ecclesiastical History

"This is a scholarly undertaking of vast proportions."?New Review of Books

'The editing of this text shows a learned and feeling sense both for the tradition and More's own predicament. The continuity of his writing, before and during his imprisonment, is brilliantly demonstrated."?Nicolas Barker, Times Literary Supplement

"[Martz and Manley's edition] is as complete and definitive a presentation of this extraordinary piece of prison literature as we are ever likely to have. . . . For accuracy of text and fullness of comment . . . [it] is unsurpassed."?John C. Olin, America

"[One's] initial response to this beautiful book [is] a hurrah for the immense contribution to our knowledge of what C.S. Lewis calls 'the noblest of all More's vernacular writings'. . . . [It] is sure to attract the scholarly interest it deserves. This volume should finally put an end to any controversy over the position the book holds in English literature and in the More corpus. The work done here by Professors Martz and Manley will make it much easier for future scholars to investigate the rich details of the book."?Judith P. Jones, Moreana

"The Yale editors have done much in the past to reveal the full inward purpose of More's life and writings. They could have built no greater monument for the quincentenary than this noble edition of the Tower works."?Times Literary Supplement