"Presidential Impeachment" by John R.              Labovitz

Presidential Impeachment John R. Labovitz

Publication date:
10 Sep 1978
Yale University Press
281 pages: 210 x 140mm
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In this thorough and thoughtful examination of the constitutional issues involved in the impeachment of a president, Labovitz, a lawyer who served on the impeachment inquiry staff of the House Judiciary Committee in 1974, incorporates the Nixon experience into American history over the last two hundred years.

"The author, a lawyer who served on the Impeachment Inquiry staff of the House Judiciary Committee in 1974, provides a detailed history of impeachment's role in the American political process, as well as exploring its present-day status in the light of President Nixon's resignation. . . . Labovitz's book should stand as a definitive guide to the process of expelling a President."?Politicks and Other Human Interests

"A thoughtful, analytical, and complex treatise on the legal and political aspects of the Nixon impeachment proceedings. . . . This volume fills the need for a scholarly work on the most important aspect of the Watergate period. Challenging reading for academics."?Library Journal

"It is a scholarly work produced by a professional for professionals. . . . It provides a record for the future while, at the same time, it gives us an intensive analysis of our separation of powers system in its basic context. It is well written and documented."?R. Wallace Brewster, Perspective

"This is a valuable book. Its focus is on the law of presidential impeachment, but it has broader constitutional ramifications. Particularly noteworthy is the extensive treatment of the legal issues raised by the Nixon impeachment inquiry. Not only does Mr. Labovitz examine the questions raised by that proceeding, but he also provides a fresh perspective on the views of the framers of the Constitution about impeachment and on the impeachment trials of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Chase and President Andrew Johnson."?John Fletcher, Annals of American Political and Social Science

". . . Attorneys working on a future impeachment will find this book an invaluable reference source. In the meantime, this is an informative and interesting book which greatly clarifies a complex subject."?Jay Alexander, Trial

"Labovitz offers the best account yet available of the legal issues involved in the Nixon impeachment investigation?noting that once again investigators rejected arguments that impeachment applies only for indictable crimes and that the seriousness of the allegations was a critical issue."?Michael Les Benedict, The American Historical Review

". . . This book is the definitive presentation of the questions involved in impeachment. It is a work based on wide-ranging and thoughtful research, filled with discerning analogies, and marked throughout by acute and honest intelligence. It is a tribute to the probity of both the author and the impeachment inquiry staff of the House Judiciary Staff, of which Labovitz was a member. It should be read by all persons interested in the presidency, hopefully before its next crisis."?Law Books in Review

"Here for once is a book appearing in the aftermath of Watergate and the Nixon impeachment proceedings that is very much in order. . . . Labovitz, who served on the Nixon impeachment staff, systematically reviews the history of the impeachment power in the American political system, beginning with the discussions of the constitutional framers. He examines the decisions arrived at in connection with the Nixon inquiry in an admirably balanced and analytic fashion. And he does all of this with such clarity and thoroughness that his book becomes a 'must' acquisition."?Choice