"From Ming to Ch'ing" by Jonathan D.              Spence

From Ming to Ch'ing Conquest, Region, and Continuity in Seventeenth-Century China Jonathan D. Spence, Jerry Dennerline, Hilary J. Beattie, Ian McMorran, Morris Rossabi

Publication date:
01 Apr 1981
Yale University Press
437 pages: 235 x 156 x 25mm
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The collapse of the Ming dynasty and the takeover of China by Manchu rulers in the 1640s were of crucial importance in the late history of China.  But because traditional Chinese sources arbitrarily divide the century at the change of dynasty in 1644, it has been difficult to form a clear picture of the transition.  The nine essays in this book will contribute significantly toward understanding the complexity of change and continuity over the span of time leading up to and resulting from the tumult of the mid-1600s.
“The fullest introduction in English to the Ming-Ch’ing transition.”—Tom Fisher, Pacific Affairs
“No other recent work compares with its scope, and no older work can stand up to the introduction of its new materials and perspectives.”—Library Journal
“[This book] makes a valuable contribution to Ming-Ch’ing studies and should be required reading for anyone interested in the two dynasties.”—James B. Parsons, American Historical Review