"Birth to Maturity" by Jerome Kagan

Birth to Maturity A Study in Psychological Development Jerome Kagan, Howard A. Moss

Publication date:
10 Sep 1983
Yale University Press
366 pages: 235 x 156mm
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This relevant and influential book is the analysis of a longitudinal study of eighty-nine individuals who were assessed at birth and again at regular intervals; observational, psychometric, and interview data were collected for each child and his family until the child reached adolescence, and seventy-one of the subjects were reassessed when they became adults. The book emphasizes the relationship between early experiences and adult characteristics, and has remained throughout the years a forceful argument for and illustration of the continuity thesis.

"Birth to Maturity, published 20 years ago . . . reads as if it had been written yesterday. After years of explaining everything about a human being in terms of learning, psychologists have come back to the recognition that all aspects of development are the result of an intricate interplay between genes, maturation, culture, and individual experience. And this is precisely the message of Birth to Maturity."?Elizabeth Hall, Psychology Today