"Psychoanalysis" by Arnold Cooper

Psychoanalysis Toward the Second Century Arnold Cooper, Ethel Person, Otto Kernberg

Publication date:
10 Sep 1990
Yale University Press
248 pages: 235 x 156mm
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Now facing its second century, the field of psychoanalysis is in a period of rapid development. In this book some of the most important figures in psychoanalysis today discuss how changes—especially in such areas as infant research, ethology, cognitive psychology, narrative studies, and neurobiology—have affected or might affect the directions in which their discipline will go in the next hundred years.

"Threaded through this volume are flashes of historical commentary, delightful glimpses of the professional epigenesis of the Columbia Institute, which make fascinating reading. . . . Kernberg?s witty 'The Temptations of Conventionality? swept me off my feet. . . . Effortlessly urbane and thoroughly cultivated, Kernberg waltzes through the cultures of several centuries to pick up examples from soap operas and film kitsch to illustrate his points. . . . Ethel Spector Person?s prose is nimble and sprightly even when she takes on thick-set concepts like parallel process and plagiarism, enactive and representational remembering, and the relationship of these phenomena to abortive empathy. . . . This collection is worth seeing."?Lucy M. Zabarenko, Psychoanalytic Books: A Quarterly Journal of Reviews