"Tyndale's New Testament" by William Tyndale

Tyndale's New Testament William Tyndale, David Daniell

Publication date:
10 Sep 1996
Yale University Press
466 pages: 203 x 152mm

This translation of the New Testament into English from its original Greek was printed in Germany in 1534 and smuggled back into England. It therefore escaped the fate of Tyndale’s previous version, which had been seized and publicly burnt by the authorities. The 1534 edition outraged the clerical establishment by giving the laity access to the word of God, in print in English for the first time. Tyndale, who was already in exile for political reasons, was hunted down and subsequently burned at the stake for blasphemy.
For the next eighty years—the years of Shakespeare among others—Tyndale’s masterly translation formed the basis of all English bibles. And when the authorized King James Bible was published in 1611, many of its finest passages were taken unchanged, though unacknowledged, from Tyndale’s work.
Although, therefore, this astounding work of pioneering scholarship was the basis of all subsequent English bibles until after the Second World War, and though it was the version of the Bible used by some of our greatest poets, it is today virtually unknown because of its suppression for political reasons because of its difficult early sixteenth-century spelling.
Now for the first time this version is published in modern spelling, as the modern book it once was, so that this masterly work of English prose by one of the great geniuses of the as is available to today’s reader.

David Daniell is senior lecturer in English at University College, London.

"This volume deserves wide circulation."—Library Journal

"Amid the plethora of contemporary English translations, Tyndale's still stands out as powerfully and vigorously attractive."—ADRIS Newsletter

"Tyndale's prose is not only refreshing for us in reading such a distanced and over-used passage such as 1 Cor.13, but as material read out loud, and better, to learn by heart, it could stock heart and mind in a valuable way."—Ann Loades, Listener

"For Dr. Daniell, Tyndale rather than the Authorised Version is the true source of the English Bible. Anyone can now test this claim for themselves by reading this splendid book."—Joseph Robinson, Church Times

"Daniell [provides a] very fine Introduction to this beautiful volume."—Donald Coggan, Theology

“Tyndale's translation of the first five books of the Old Testament is a monument to faith, courage and determination.”—Loyd Grossman, The Week