"The Logic of the Cultural Sciences" by Ernst Cassirer

The Logic of the Cultural Sciences Five Studies Ernst Cassirer, S. G. Lofts

Cassirer Lectures Series
Publication date:
11 Oct 2000
Yale University Press
190 pages: 210 x 140mm

 This new translation of The Logic of the Cultural Sciences (formerly entitled The Logic of the Humanities) makes Ernst Cassirer’s classic study, long out of print, available to English readers. A German Jew living in exile at the beginning of the Second World War, Cassirer wrote this book—one of his clearest and most concise—in response to the crises besetting his era. It represented to him a rethinking and completion of his magnum opus The Philosophy of Symbolic Forms. S. G. Lofts’s translation stays close to the original German and accurately reflects the echoes of the philosophical debates of Cassirer’s day.

In the book’s five linked studies, Cassirer considers the intellectual structure of the disciplines we commonly refer to as the humanities. He defines and justifies the basic philosophical perspective of the philosophy of symbolic forms, and he contributes a wealth of ideas to continuing debates about culture and what is unique in human nature.

?Philosophy of culture is one of the youngest fields of philosophy, and the work of Cassirer, more than that of anyone else, has given it shape. . . . S. G. Lofts offers a valuable translation of this most rewarding and crucial work of Cassirer.??Donald Phillip Verene, from the foreword