"The Pre-Raphaelite Landscape" by Allen Staley

The Pre-Raphaelite Landscape Second Edition Allen Staley

Publication date:
10 Jun 2001
Paul Mellon Centre
288 pages: 330 x 241mm
100 b-w + 150 color illus.


Allen Staley’s book The Pre-Raphaelite Landscape ignited a revival of interest in Pre-Raphaelite painting nearly three decades ago. Reintroducing the small group of young English artists who in 1848 founded the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, this landmark book helped to attract both scholars and a new generation of admirers to the brilliant and audacious work of the Pre-Raphaelites. In this completely revised and updated second edition, Staley takes into account important artworks that have recently come to light as well as current understandings of the Pre-Raphaelite movement and its legacy. This lovely volume is greatly enhanced by more than 150 luminous color illustrations.

Ranging widely in this volume, Staley offers a comprehensive account of the formation of the Brotherhood, the artists’ theoretical concerns about depictions of the natural world, and the emergence and impact of a school of Pre-Raphaelite landscape painting. Staley also discusses all the figures important to Pre-Raphaelitism: the artists (among them John Everett Millais and William Holman Hunt), their associates (Ford Madox Brown, William Dyce), the landscape specialists they influenced (Thomas Seddon, George Price Boyce), and their most articulate supporter, John Ruskin.

Allen Staley is professor emeritus of art history at Columbia University.

. . . [C]onspicuous. . .for its larger format. . . and. . .wealth of stunning color illustrations. . . [C]ollege and reasearch libraries will want. . . this new version.

"It is wonderful to have a second edition of this book, out of print for decades. Staley writes with the clarity and precision so exquisitely demonstrated with the brush by his chosen painters. . . . Splendidly illustrated, often with details large as life to give some telling sense of the painters? contrasting qualities, this book is the encyclopedia of the third great strand of 19th century English landscape painting? the strand that is not Constable, not Turner."?Brian Sewell, The Evening Standard

"Nearly thirty years after its original publication, this title returns, having since 1973 been the standard source on the subject. It has earned its place deservedly, since its straightforward historical account has stood the test of time with the quality of its factual reporting in particular. . . . The Pre-Raphaelite Landscape remains a classic, ?must-have? on bookshelves of those interested in the field of nineteenth-century landscape, much less devotees of the ever-popular subject of Pre-Rahaelitism."?Susan P. Casteras, The Journal of Pre-Raphaelite Studies

"The Pre-Raphaelite Landscape, which first appeared in 1973, has maintained its durability and is consistently cited as the essential work on the subject. This new edition is conspicuous mainly for its larger format and its wealth of stunning color illustrations. . . . Most college and research libraries will want to have this new version."?Choice