Mercurio An Intermediate to Advanced Reader in Italian Language and Culture Andrea Fedi, Paolo Fasoli

Publication date:
10 Nov 2004
Yale University Press
416 pages: 254 x 203mm
147 b-w illus. + 10 maps

The name Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods, has been used for centuries by European chroniclers and gazetteers in the titles of periodicals that have featured the latest news reports, anecdotes, short stories, and satires. This engaging book, an intermediate-level Italian text, offers an up-to-date and varied portrait of Italy’s language, culture, and society by presenting lively excerpts from its literature, news reports, comic books, film reviews, music lyrics, sociological surveys, and more.

Every chapter in the book has a theme that is discussed from multiple points of view. The centerpiece of each chapter is a recent work of fiction, which interacts with other literary or sociocultural accounts (sometimes from English-language media outside Italy) to convey a meaningful representation of today’s multifaceted Italy. The book also includes numerous exercises on grammar and comprehension.

Themes include:
-- Italian emigration to North and South America;
-- Italy’s fascination with bicycles;
-- new thoughts about houses and living spaces;
-- Italian cities.

ANDREA FEDI is associate professor of Italian at the State University of New York, Stony Brook.

PAOLO FASOLI is associate professor of Italian at the City University of New York, Hunter campus.

"An ambitious, adventurous, and unique book that gives intermediate-level students of Italian language and culture an exposure to new texts, authors, and ideas about contemporary Italian life and culture."—David Ward, Wellesley College

"I look forward to teaching with this book. The readings are truly diversified, the subjects extremely relevant, the approach up-to-date, and the exercises creative and interesting."—Lori Repetti, State University of New York, Stony Brook