"The Leibniz-De Volder Correspondence" by Paul Lodge

The Leibniz-De Volder Correspondence With Selections from the Correspondence Between Leibniz and Johann Bernoulli Paul Lodge, G. W. Leibniz

The Yale Leibniz Series
Publication date:
26 Feb 2013
Yale University Press
518 pages: 235 x 156 x 37mm
10 b-w illus.

This volume is a critical edition of the eight-year correspondence (1698–1706) between Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz and Burcher de Volder, professor of philosophy and mathematics at Leiden University.

Containing the surviving correspondence between Leibniz and De Volder, the volume also presents a generous selection from the letters between Leibniz and his friend Johann Bernoulli, through whose intercession the correspondence began. Bernoulli acted as intermediary throughout, and the often candid discussions between Leibniz and Bernoulli provide illuminating background to the correspondence proper. Each of the selections appears both in the original Latin and in English translation.

Paul Lodge is tutorial fellow in philosophy, Mansfield College, Oxford.

“This volume of The Yale Leibniz follows the highest editorial standards.”—Volker Peckhaus, Mathematical Reviews Clippings