Lee Lozano Drawings Barry Rosen, Jaap van Liere

Publication date:
31 Oct 2006
Hauser & Wirth
194 pages: 279 x 229mm
120 b-w + 60 color illus.

Lee Lozano (1930–1999) brought a potent voice to the 1960s New York art scene. Equipped with an extraordinary intellectual reach and demonstrating an unusually expressive and mature sexuality, Lozano’s art—which includes paintings, drawings, and conceptual works—is as fresh today as it was more than 40 years ago.
This handsome book presents selections of the artist’s early narrative and figurative drawings dating from 1960 to ‘64. It is the first publication focusing on Lozano’s drawings, and all of the featured works are previously unpublished. Her drawings can be exacting, demanding, and formally refined, such as her sexually charged depictions of tools, or freer gestural drawings using graphite with splashes of crayon color. Lozano also created text pieces that are part diary and part social chronicle. Conceived as a sort of artist’s sketchbook, the publication is completed by selections from the artist’s own diaries, which reveal her incredible wit, anger, intelligence, and struggles.
Lee Lozano: Drawings leaves no doubt of how prescient her work has proven to be and why she is an artist who is attracting a great deal of attention today.

Barry Rosen and Jaap van Liere are curatorial consultants in New York City.