Young Chicago Joseph Rosa

A+D Series
Publication date:
31 Jan 2007
Art Institute of Chicago
104 pages: 216 x 137mm
8 b-w + 60 color illus.

Since the early 20th century, Chicago has continually fostered young design talent and established itself as a pivotal arts center. This handsome book––published on the 25th anniversary of the Art Institute’s Department of Architecture and Design––features twenty-five young artists from Chicago who showcase the depth and breadth of the city's design culture.
The featured artists and their firms, including UrbanLab, JNL Graphic Design, and Qua’Virarch, reflect exciting talents in industrial, furniture, and graphic design, as well as fashion and architecture––and represent the generation that is leading the city into the 21st century. The book includes an essay by Joseph Rosa that traces the evolution of design in Chicago from its origins to today and provides a fascinating and up-to-date look at contemporary architecture and design.

Joseph Rosa is John H. Bryan Curator of Architecture and Design at the Art Institute of Chicago.