Thinking Politically Essays in Political Theory David Miller, Michael Walzer

Publication date:
24 Feb 2009
Yale University Press
368 pages: 229 x 148mm
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A collection of the most important writings of Michael Walzer, one of the world’s most influential political thinkers

Michael Walzer is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading political theorists. In a career spanning more than fifty years, he has wrestled with some of the most crucial political ideas and questions of the day, developing original conceptions of democracy, social justice, liberalism, civil society, nationalism, multiculturalism, and terrorism. 

Thinking Politically brings together some of Walzer’s most important work to provide a wide-ranging survey of his thinking and the vision that underlies his responses to contemporary political debates. The book also includes a previously unpublished essay on human rights. David Miller’s substantial introduction presents a detailed analysis of the development of Walzer’s ideas and connects them to wider currents of political thought. In addition, the book includes a recent interview with Walzer on a range of topical issues, and a detailed bibliography of his works.

This collection will be welcomed by scholars in politics and philosophy, as well as anyone keen to engage in discussion on some of the key issues of our times.

Michael Walzer is UPS Foundation Professor of Social Science at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. He has published extensively in political philosophy and is equally well known for his contributions to contemporary political debates. He lives in Princeton, NJ. David Miller is professor of political theory and official fellow, Nuffield College, Oxford. He is a fellow of the British Academy and the author or editor of fifteen books, including On Nationality and Principles of Social Justice.

?[Michael Walzer] has been an exemplary ?connected critic,? not only of American political life, but of the politics and international relations of the Western world as a whole.??from the introduction by David Miller

"Michael Walzer is one of liberalism's most important contemporary philosophers, as he seeks to meld communitarian concerns with traditional Rawlsian arguments together with a healthy dose of patriotic feeling and never-entirely absent concern for the well-being of Israel. In James P. Young's terrific survey on the history of the idea?the best I've ever read?Walzer alone emerges all but unscathed."?Eric Alterman,

"[A] stimulating new collection of [Walzer's] essays. . . . The book offers an informal survey of the major themes of Mr. Walzer's thought, as applied to some of the major issues of the last 25 years. It is thus a good opportunity to come to grips with the strengths and the limitations of both Mr. Walzer's political principles and his way of practicing political philosophy."?Adam Kirsch, New York Sun 

"In Thinking Politically, David Miller has brought together sixteen of Walzer's best essays from 1973 . . . all the way to the present day. . . . This is a splendid collection; much more coherent than most, bound together by Walzer's theme of respect for political community. . . . The essays . . . do justice to both words in its title: they address the enduring issues of political theory, but they also engage that thinking with the political issues of the day."?Jeremy Waldron, New York Review of Books