Radial Symmetry Katherine Larson, Louise Glück

Yale Series of Younger Poets
Publication date:
26 Apr 2011
Yale University Press
96 pages: 203 x 156 x 6mm
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Katherine Larson is the winner of the 2010 Yale Series of Younger Poets Competition. With Radial Symmetry, she has created a transcendent body of poems that flourish in the liminal spaces that separate scientific inquiry from empathic knowledge, astute observation from sublime witness. Larson's inventive lyrics lead the reader through vertiginous landscapes - geographical, phenomenological, psychological - while always remaining attendant to the speaker's own fragile, creaturely self.

An experienced research scientist and field ecologist, Larson dazzles with these sensuous and sophisticated poems, grappling with the powers of poetic imagination as well as the frightful realization of the human capacity for ecological destruction. The result is a profoundly moving collection: eloquent in its lament and celebration.


'Metamorphosis' [excerpt]

We dredge the stream with soup strainers
and separate dragonfly and damselfly nymphs-
their eyes like inky bulbs, jaws snapping
at the light as if the world was full of
tiny traps, each hairpin mechanism
tripped for transformation. Such a ricochet
of appetites insisting life, life, life against
the watery dark, the tuberous reeds.

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• Winner of the 2012 Kate Tufts Discovery Award given by Claremont Graduate University. The Kate Tufts Discovery Award, established in 1993, is presented annually for a first book by a poet of genuine promise. The purse for this prize is $10,000.
• Radial Symmetry won the 2012 Levis Reading Prize from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Katherine Larson is the recipient of a Ruth Lilly Poetry Fellowship and Union League Civic and Arts Foundation Poetry Prize. She lives in Arizona.

"'Either everything’s sublime or nothing is’, and Radial Symmetry wholeheartedly believes that everything is…such tenderness evokes our sense of humanity, just one of many insights in this impressive debut."—Carrie Etter, Independent on Sunday