Patterns of Democracy Government Forms and Performance in Thirty-Six Countries Second Edition Arend Lijphart

Publication date:
11 Sep 2012
Yale University Press
368 pages: 210 x 140 x 19mm
12 b-w illus.
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In this updated and expanded edition of his classic text, Arend Lijphart offers a broader and deeper analysis of worldwide democratic institutions than ever before. Examining thirty-six democracies during the period from 1945 to 2010, Lijphart arrives at important--and unexpected--conclusions about what type of democracy works best.

Arend Lijphart is professor emeritus of political science at the University of California, San Diego, and the author or editor of more than twenty books, including Democracy in Plural Societies, published by Yale University Press. He lives in San Francisco.

"Magnificent. . . . The best-researched book on democracy in the world today."--Malcolm Mackerras, American Review of Politics 

"I can't think of another scholar as well qualified as Lijphart to write a book of this kind. He has an amazing grasp of the relevant literature, and he's compiled an unmatched collection of data."--Robert A. Dahl, Yale University

"This sound comparative research . . . will continue to be a standard in graduate and undergraduate courses in comparative politics."--Choice