Koo Jeong A Constellation Congress Molly Nesbit, Yasmil Raymond

Publication date:
12 Mar 2013
Dia Art Foundation
296 pages: 305 x 216mm
127 color illus.
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Since the early 1990s, Koo Jeong A (b. 1967) has created ephemeral environments, sculptures, and drawings that examine the poetics of everyday life and the mysteries of imagination. This book, the first critical study of Koo's work, looks at the past two decades of her artistic practice, including her recent multimedia presentation commissioned by Dia Art Foundation. Following the artist's longtime interest in natural phenomena and sensory experience, Constellation Congress features a diverse group of texts encompassing art historical, philosophical, scientific, and literary voices that offer insightful considerations into the intricacies of the artist's method and conception of art in which the most ordinary objects—a puddle of water, a pile of charcoal, or a ray of light—are graced with dignity and reverence.

Yasmil Raymond is curator of Dia Art Foundation.