Textures Pour approfondir la communication orale et écrite Elizabeth Berglund Hall, Anne Theobald, Mark Andrew Hall, James Pfrehm

Publication date:
10 Jul 2018
Yale University Press
360 pages: 235 x 156 x 15mm
21 b-w illus.
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Language proficiency emerges not solely as mastery of discrete skills, but also through one’s ability to express ideas fully in a variety of cultural contexts. This innovative French‑language textbook employs a holistic approach that integrates listening, reading, writing, and conversation—placing communication at the heart of the learning experience. It provides intermediate‑level students with the interpretive tools necessary for literary and cultural studies. There are interactions with a variety of texts and media, including short stories, poems, essays, images, and podcasts.

Elizabeth Berglund Hall is assistant professor, general faculty, at the University of Virginia. Anne Theobald is assistant professor of French at Hillsdale College. Mark Andrew Hall teaches French at the Collegiate School in Richmond, VA. James Pfrehm is associate professor of German and Linguistics at Ithaca College.