Bartholomeus Spranger Splendor and Eroticism in Imperial Prague Sally Metzler

Publication date:
23 Nov 2014
Metropolitan Museum of Art
380 pages: 267 x 241mm
313 color illus.
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Celebrated for his erotically charged allegories with amorous couples entwined in intimate poses, Bartholomeus Spranger (1546–1611) was a leading master of Mannerism,  working for influential patrons across Europe, including the Emperor Rudolf II in Prague, where he was known as one of the first truly international artists. This comprehensive book, the first publication devoted to Spranger’s influential life and career, features nearly all the paintings, drawings, and etchings by this artist from some of the most renowned museums and private collections in the world.
Despite the widespread fame and influence he achieved during his lifetime, Spranger has become an elusive and misunderstood figure. This book rectifies that omission, examining Spranger’s extraordinary life and work against the backdrop of European culture, politics, and intellectual history and tracing his artistic journey from apprenticeship in Antwerp to triumph in Prague, with sojourns in France, Italy, and Austria.  This sumptuous publication is a major contribution to art history, restoring Spranger to his rightful position as one of the most important and influential artists of the era.

Sally Metzler is guest curator at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and adjunct associate professor at Northwestern University.

‘The detailed catalogue entries, organised chronologically by media, include several newly discovered works and paint a clear picture of Spranger’s artistic development.’—Lelia Packer, Art Newspaper.

“…eminently readable biographical essay in the catalog…”-Carol Vogel, The New York Times