"Ahlan wa Sahlan" by Mahdi Alosh

Ahlan wa Sahlan Letters and Sounds of the Arabic Language: With Online Media Mahdi Alosh, Mahdi Alosh, Allen Clark

Publication date:
28 Nov 2014
Yale University Press
192 pages: 276 x 216mm

This sound and script workbook is intended to be used and completed by students before they begin using the second edition of the Ahlan wa Sahlan textbook.

The workbook helps students learn the alphabet, numerals, and sounds of the Arabic language. The 6 units in the workbook correlate to the first 6 lessons of the first edition Ahlan wa Sahlan textbook, published in 2000. 

This edition of this widely used text covers the first year of instruction in Modern Standard Arabic. It will teach students to read, speak, and write Arabic, while presenting an engaging story that involves Adnan, a Syrian student studying in the United States, and Michael, an American student studying in Cairo. In diaries, letters, and postcards, the two students describe their thoughts and activities, revealing how a non-American views American culture and how the Arabic culture is experienced by an American student. It features video, filmed in Syria; expanded communicative activities; an updated audio program; and material designed according to proficiency principles.

Features include:
  • Online video, filmed in Syria
  • Expanded communicative activities
  • Updated audio program
  • Material designed according to proficiency principles
 Components include:
  • A full-color Student Textbook with access to an online video and audio program included
  • Annotated Instructor’s Edition
  • Sound and Script Workbook
  • Online, interactive exercises

Mahdi Alosh is associate dean for international affairs at the United States Military Academy. Allen Clark is an Arabic instructor and the director of the Arabic program at the University of Mississippi.