The New Cosmic Story Inside Our Awakening Universe John F. Haught

Publication date:
21 Nov 2017
Yale University Press
240 pages: 235 x 156 x 22mm
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A foremost thinker on science and religion argues that an adequate understanding of cosmic history requires attention to the emergence of interiority, including religious aspiration

Over the past two centuries scientific advances have made it clear that the universe is a story still unfolding. In this thought-provoking book, John F. Haught considers the deeper implications of this discovery. He contends that many others who have written books on life and the universe—including Stephen Hawking, Stephen Jay Gould, and Richard Dawkins—have overlooked a crucial aspect of cosmic history: the drama of life’s awakening to interiority and religious awareness. Science may illuminate the outside story of the universe, but a full telling of the cosmic story cannot ignore the inside development that interiority represents.
Haught addresses two primary questions: what does the arrival of religion tell us about the universe, and what does our understanding of the cosmos as an unfinished drama tell us about religion? The history of religion may be ambiguous and sometimes even barbarous, he asserts, but its role in the story of cosmic emergence and awakening must be taken into account.

John F. Haught is distinguished research professor, Georgetown University. He is author of twenty previous books, many of which deal with questions on the relationship between religion and natural sciences.

“I have no doubt that The New Cosmic Story will enrich many and produce fruitful dialogues for years to come.” —John P. Slattery, Science & Christian Belief

Winner of the Outstanding Academic Title for 2018 award sponsored by Choice

"A compelling argument for a broader understanding of religion in relation to our cosmic story."—Mary Evelyn Tucker, coauthor of Journey of the Universe

"Haught offers a coherent framework that gives value to the whole cosmic story revealed by science, while situating science and traditional religion together in a road map to a hopeful future in our still-unfinished cosmos."—Daryl P. Domning, professor of anatomy, Howard University

“This book, John F. Haught’s summa, will become a permanent contribution to the religion and science literature.”—Holmes Rolston, III, Templeton Prize winner

"A profound work that expands Haught's contributions to understanding religion in a universe that is still coming to be.”— Ilia Delio, Villanova University

"A significant antidote to the 'cosmic pessimism' so prevalent in academic circles! Haught champions a hopeful narrative of our unfinished universe that informs and enlivens all facets of belief and refreshes the conversation between science and faith."—Robert E. Ulanowicz, University of Maryland