Another World Nineteenth-Century Illustrated Print Culture Patricia Mainardi

Publication date:
04 Apr 2017
Yale University Press
304 pages: 254 x 203mm
166 color + 46 b-w illus.
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The remarkable story of the stylistic, cultural, and technical innovations that drove the surge of comics, caricature, and other print media in 19th-century Europe

Taking its title from the 1844 visionary graphic novel by J. J. Grandville, this groundbreaking book explores the invention of print media—including comics, caricature, the illustrated press, illustrated books, and popular prints—tracing their development as well as the aesthetic, political, technological, and cultural issues that shaped them. The explosion of imagery from the late 18th century to the beginning of the 20th exceeded the print production from all previous centuries combined, spurred the growth of the international art market, and encouraged the cross-fertilization of media, subjects, and styles. Patricia Mainardi examines scores of imaginative and innovative prints, focusing on highly experimental moments of discovery, when artists and publishers tested the limits of each new medium, creating visual languages that extend to the comics and graphic novels of today. Another World unearths a wealth of visual material, revealing a history of how our image-saturated world came into being, and situating the study of print culture firmly within the context of art history.

Patricia Mainardi is professor emerita of art history at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York and Chevalier in France’s Order of Academic Palms. She has received the College Art Association’s Charles Rufus Morey Award and numerous fellowships, including from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Institute for Advanced Study.

“A gorgeously illustrated tour of visual print culture in nineteenth-century France” —Christine Haynes, American Historical Review

“The book contains a remarkable two hundred high-quality and well- selected images, nearly one per page, accompanied by short analytical passages concatenated into a thematically driven narrative”– Julia Langbein, Oxford Art Journal    

“Another World  provides a new, insightful analysis of the developments of graphic expression and visual culture in the nineteenth century and uncovers a trove of visual and textual materials that is rarely, if ever, addressed in depth. The book thus makes a vital contribution to the study of nineteenth-century print culture.”—Ruth E. Iskin, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev