"La France et la Francophonie" by Mary Anne O'Neil

La France et la Francophonie With Online Media Mary Anne O'Neil

Conversations with Native Speakers
Publication date:
28 Jun 2016
Yale University Press
192 pages: 235 x 156mm

This workbook and accompanying video (available online) present a cross-section of French-speaking people from European, African, North American, and Caribbean countries talking about contemporary French culture. Designed as a resource for intermediate- to advanced-level students, the video provides useful models of conversational French that increase comprehension and fluency in the language, and the workbook offers transcriptions of the conversations and notes on vocabulary and grammar in the interview, helping to improve reading skills.

Students, teachers, farm workers, artisans, police, engineers, airline employees, and other people discuss many topics, including French family life, work, sports, politics, education, and technological achievements. One interview is in French sign language. Unrehearsed, spontaneous, and in a variety of regional accents, the conversations present contemporary French as it is actually spoken, in all its complexity and richness.

Mary Anne O'Neil is professor of French at Whitman College, Walla Walla, Washington.

"This program offers an interesting and appealing way to give students snapshots of the French and Francophone culture while developing all four language skills."—Christiane Laeufer, The Ohio State University

"An excellent collection of interviews with native speakers from a wide cross-section of contemporary French and Francophone populations. . . . Serves the dual purpose of enhancing cultural awareness while reinforcing grammatical structures in an engaging manner."?Eileen M. Angelini, French Review

"An innovative project with a well-produced video program that should provide French language instructors with a realm of opportunities to bring inside their classrooms authentic conversational and grammatical materials with meaningful cultural input."?Caren Barnezet Parrish, Rocky Mountain Review