"Managing the Environment, Managing Ourselves" by Richard N. L. Andrews

Managing the Environment, Managing Ourselves A History of American Environmental Policy, Third Edition Richard N. L. Andrews

Publication date:
17 Mar 2020
Yale University Press
488 pages: 254 x 178mm
34 b-w illus.
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In the new, third edition of this definitive book, Richard N. L. Andrews looks back at four centuries of American environmental policy, showing how these policies affect contemporary environmental issues and public policy decisions, and identifying key policy challenges for the future. Andrews crafts a detailed and contextualized narrative of the historical development of American environmental policies and institutions. This volume presents an extensively revised text, with a new focus on more recent environmental politics and policy through the Obama and Trump administrations.

Richard N. L. Andrews is professor emeritus of environmental policy at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He has written, taught, and advised on U.S. environmental policy for fifty years and has served on multiple national environmental policy committees.