The Works of Samuel Johnson, Volume 20 Johnson on Demand: Reviews, Prefaces, and Ghost-Writings Samuel Johnson, O. M. Brack, Robert DeMaria

The Yale Edition of the Works of Samuel Johnson
Publication date:
12 Feb 2019
Yale University Press
672 pages: 222 x 143 x 43mm
1 color illus.
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The next volume in the distinguished Yale Edition of the Works of Samuel Johnson comprises prefaces, proposals, dedications, appeals, and other works that Johnson wrote for friends and acquaintances.

The English critic, biographer, and poet Samuel Johnson was among the most influential figures of the eighteenth century. This twentieth and final volume of the Yale Edition of the Works of Samuel Johnson presents the author’s occasional writings, including prefaces, proposals, dedications, introductions, book reviews, public letters, appeals, and school exercises. Notably, it includes the letters and addresses that Johnson wrote for the convicted clergyman William Dodd. Edited by O M Brack, Jr., and Robert DeMaria, Jr., this volume brings a treasure trove of Johnson’s lesser‑known writings to a contemporary audience.

Samuel Johnson (1709–1784) was a poet, essayist, biographer, and editor. O. M. Brack, Jr. (1938–2012), was professor emeritus in the department of English at Arizona State University. Robert DeMaria, Jr., is the Henry Noble MacCracken Professor of English at Vassar College.