Ahlan wa Sahlan Functional Modern Standard Arabic for Intermediate Learners Third Edition Mahdi Alosh, Allen Clark

Publication date:
23 Mar 2021
Yale University Press
608 pages: 279 x 216mm
562 color illus.

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The second-year book in the widely used Ahlan wa Sahlan program, now in its third edition, updated for effective and practical Arabic acquisition and use

This textbook provides the second year of Arabic instruction in the Ahlan wa Sahlan program. Third edition revisions include the use of pausal form, all-Arabic instruction, sections on dialect acquisition, and updated depictions of Arab culture, among others.

Ahlan wa Sahlan covers the first and second years of instruction in Modern Standard Arabic. It is a complete educational package, comprising a workbook, beginner textbook with accompanying Annotated Instructor’s Edition, intermediate textbook, video clips filmed in Syria, audio, and online exercises.


Mahdi Alosh is Director of Online Arabic and Online Master’s Degree in Applied Linguistics at Syrian Virtual University SVU.
Allen Clark is Associate Professor of Arabic and Co-Director of the Arabic Language Flagship Program at the University of Mississippi.


“In its newly enhanced form, Ahlan wa Sahlan will continue to be an excellent syllabus with which Arabic-language programs and individual courses can introduce learners to the language.”—Roger Allen, University of Pennsylvania

“The appealing presentation and the variety of approaches to learning are commendable. I found this course package to be both rich and enriching.”—Mohammad Al–Masri, The Modern Language Journal