Yale French Studies, Number 134 The Construction of a National Vernacular Literature in the Renaissance: Essays in Honor of Edwin M. Duval Jessica DeVos, Bruce Hayes

Publication date:
26 Mar 2019
Yale University Press
208 pages: 235 x 156 x 13mm

This new volume of Yale French Studies both honors and adds to Edwin M. Duval’s scholarship on the history and development of French Renaissance literature.

Edwin (Ned) M. Duval’s scholarship focuses on teasing out hidden structures and symmetries in the poetry and prose of the French Renaissance, a period when literature underwent radical changes. In honor of Duval’s literary “sleuthing,” the contributors in this issue explore the symmetries, as well as the dissymmetries, the fragility, ambiguities, and contradictions of French Renaissance literary production. This volume addresses evolving literary practices, innovations in genre, and intellectual developments in sixteenth‑century France.

Jessica DeVos is a lector of French at Yale University. Bruce Hayes is associate professor and chair of the department of French, francophone, and Italian studies at the University of Kansas.