"Revise" by Pamela Haag

Revise The Scholar-Writer’s Essential Guide to Tweaking, Editing, and Perfecting Your Manuscript Pamela Haag

Publication date:
11 May 2021
Yale University Press
376 pages: 216 x 140mm

Writing and revision are two different skills. Many scholar-writers have learned something about how to write, but fewer know how to read and revise their own writing, spot editorial issues, and transform a draft from passable to great. Drawing on before and after examples from more than a decade as a developmental editor of scholarly works, Pamela Haag tackles the most common challenges of scholarly writing. This book is packed with practical, user-friendly advice and is written with warmth, humor, sympathy, and flair.

With an inspiring passion for natural language, Haag demonstrates how to reconcile clarity with intellectual complexity. Designed to be an in-the-trenches desktop reference, this indispensable resource can help scholars develop a productive self-editing habit, advise their graduate and other students on style, and, ultimately, get their work published and praised.

Pamela Haag, Ph.D., is an award-winning writer, essayist, cultural commentator, and historian. She has her own editorial business helping scholars and other nonfiction authors edit and revise their manuscripts.